As their torches gutter in a sudden gust,
Judas and Jesus share one long, last, fierce
embrace. Judas shudders despite the warmth.
How long before I see you, Lord? Judas asks,
mist dripping from the quivering leaves of
olive trees and onto his dark, coarse hair.
It may seem eternal, Jesus answers, his lips
lingering inside Judas’ ear. But know this:
I love you more than any other. I will find you.
The call of a night bird startles the two men
from their reverie. The sound of many sandals
scraping on flagstones disturbs the garden’s
fleeting peace followed by the clatter of metal.
Quickly, Jesus whispers. Kiss me before it’s too late!

Saul of Tarsus approaches.

[I’m going to make this an ongoing project where
I keep making modifications until it feels right.
Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments.]


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