Still Life with Hard Hat


Still Life with Hard Hat

It’s the hard hat that
made me stop and photograph
what otherwise would not
have caught my eye.
It asks a hard question:
        Why am I here?
I cannot answer that
question with certainty.
I can surmise.
You were left by a careless
worker repairing buried
power cables—on lunch break,
distracted by the lack of
mayonnaise in a club sandwich.
A county surveyor, sick of
how you didn’t fit quite right,
tossed you out the passenger
window of the company pickup—
but not without the thought
that someone else might
pick you up and enjoy
the use of you.

It’s a hard question—
an impossible one, really.
Trying to answer it,
one runs into the invisible
wall of time’s direction.
There is no sledgehammer
or wrecking ball that can
break through
        that wall.
Only photographs
and words that
fail to rhyme.


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